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1. This website does not collect any information automatically or any information in cookie files.

2. The Administrator – Art Games Studio – may start to collect this information after implementing some internal procedures. In such a situation below points applies.

3. The Administrator is the data controller of all the personal data provided by the User in the Process of creating an account and processed during the use of the Website – Art Games Studio.

4. The data will be processed in order to perform the agreement, for analytical and statistical purposes, as well as for other purposes compliant with the law.

5. The provision of data is voluntary, however, a refusal to proved the data may in some cases mean that the services cannot be provided.

6. The User has the right to review and change its data.

7. Cookie files consist of information data, especially text files, stored in the host device of the User of the Website and are inteded for usage on the Website’s web pages. Cookies usually contain the name of the web page from which they have been taken, the time of their storage on the host device and a unique number.

8. The Administrator of Art Games Studio is the entity which places cookie files in the host device of the User of the Website and which gains access to them.

9. In many cases the software used for browsing web pages (internet browser) as default enables storing cookie files in the User’s host device. Users of the Website are able to change settings concerning cookie files at any time. This settings can be changes in such a way, so that the automatic cookie files management will be blocked in the setting of the we browser or will inform the User about each cookie file placed in the host device of the User of the Website. Detailed information on the possibilities and ways managing cookie files is available in the settings of the software (web browser).

10. The Administrator or the Website informs that the limitation of the usage of cookie file may have influcence on the funcionality accessible through the pages of the Website.

11. You can contact us with any questions you may have about the processing of your personal data or to ask to delete your data –